Pezhman Seifkhani

Heavy Weight

Date of birth: 1990-11-09
Place of birth: Eskilstuna, Sweden
Height: 189 cm
Weight: 110 kg
Proffesional debut: 2015.
Stance: Orthodox.
Club: Örebro Boxing Club
Hobbies: Music and PS4
Began boxing: 2004

Coach: Kamran Kabinejad

Manager/Promotor: Kamran Kabinejad, Fightlifepromotion

Agent: Artan Verbica

Professional career
11 Fights 11 Wins 8 KO
2019 Albania, Andras Balazs Farkas (5W 5L 0D) KO round 1
2019 Swe, Leandro Rufino (6W 1L 1D) TKO round 3.
2018 Hun, Zoltan Csala (12W 12L 0D) KO Round1.
2018 Hun, Gergely Horvath (7W 8L 0D) TKO Round 1.
2017 Swe, Paolo Iannucci, (3W 0L 0D) DECISION, 4 Rounds.
2017 Swe, Ante Verunica, (3W 2L 1D) DECISION, 6 Rounds.
2016 Swe, Davit Gogishvili (16w 3L 0D) KO. Round 1.
2016 LV, Marek, Kovalewski (2W 20L 1D) KO Round 1.
2015 SWE, David Geogeshidze (16W 10L 1D) DECISION 4 rounds.
2015 ESP, Gioacchino Moceriono (0W 2L 0D) KO Round 1.
2015 SWE, Olegs Lopajevs (9W 12L 1D) KO Round 1.

Amateur career
2010 Swedish National Championships. Gold Medal. 91 Kg.
2009 Sweden – Denmark, Won against Morten Fruensgaard.91+ Kg.
2009 Signed with Bundesliga Germany but couldn´t attempt because the loss of his mother.
2009 ABC Box Open, Gothenburg/ Sweden. Silver Medal.91+ Kg.
2009 Swedish Junior National Championship. Gold Medal against Otto Wallin. 91 Kg.
2008 Junior Sweden National Championships. Gold Medal. 81 Kg.
2008 Nordic Championships. Gold Medal against Oscar Ahlin. 81 Kg.
2008 Swedish National Championships. Silver Medal against Oscar Ahlin, Lost against Naim Terbunja. 81 Kg.
2008 Sweden – Denmark, Won against Peter Ghram. KO first round. 91 Kg.
2007 AIBA Cadet World Championships, Baku/Azerbaijan.Lost against Azerbaijan. 80 Kg.
2007 European Cadet Championships, Siofok Hungary. Won against Croatia, quarter-final lost against Azerbaijan. 80 Kg.
2007 Roundrobin Tournament, Dublin/Ireland. Gold Medal first bout against Ireland, second bout against Germany, lost third bout against Ireland. 80 Kg.
2007 Euro Box Open, Poland. Gold Medal against Scotland and Poland. 75 Kg.
2006 PIRRKA tournament, Finland, Gold Medal. 70 Kg.
2006 AIBA Cadet World Championships, Istanbul. Lost first bout against Kazakhstan. 70 Kg.
2006 Swedish Cadet Championships. Silver Medal. 70 Kg.
2006 Sweden – Poland, Won against Dawid Deik. 70 Kg.

Seifkhani started his career in boxing in the beginning of 2004. Since then he has attained great achievements. Seifkhaniwas the first junior boxer ever being ranked among the senior boxers in the world rankings. Seifkhani has also become an important role model in his current boxing club which resulted in Seifkhani getting the title as “role modelof the year” and “pro-boxer of the year”. Seifkhani started as an amateur boxer while having his eyes on his goal becoming a professional boxer and his dream will not end here.